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PhD. in Linguistics (comparative morphosyntax in Uto-Aztecan languages), UNISON (HMO) / INALCO (Paris). Full-time professor at PrepaTec Campus Sonora Norte, member of the Strategic Approach Research Group (GIEE) Educational Innovation / Sociocultural Studies. I have been working since January 2018 with the Seri community of Punta Chueca, carrying out intercultural projects between high school students and young members of the community. I was responsible for the Educational Innovation project with support from the NOVUS fund (Tecnológico de Monterrey), in collaboration with Jacqueline Forte: "Documenting indigenous knowledge: experiential learning and research for the development of commitment and motivation of the PrepaTec student". I am currently Technical Responsible for a PRONACES / PRONAII project - literacy for social inclusion - entitled "Intercultural Writing and Digital Editing Workshops for the creation of didactic material in cmiique iitom (seri)" (call for proposals 2021-2024).
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  • Fany Muchembled