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Cué-Guerrero, Gabriel


Gabriel Cué is assistant professor of environmental ethics at Tecnológico de Monterrey's School of Education. Currently, Dr. Cué is participating in the design, implementation, and calculation of an environmental performance index for sustainability at Tecnológico de Monterrey's network of 31 campi. As a researcher, he collaborates with the UNESCO-Tecnológico de Monterrey Chair in Ethics and Culture of Peace, focusing mainly on issues of environmental ethics and political ecology. Following the new educational model of Tecnológico de Monterrey, Dr. Cué teaches and guides several courses that involve the immersion of students in activities with the collaboration of different civil society organizations and local partners, with the objective of promoting an ethic of care and social responsibility as fundamental elements for multicultural coexistence. This interaction has led him to develop a long-standing relationship with different indigenous organizations in Chiapas, particularly with small shade coffee producers. He earned his PhD at Tecnológico de Monterrey and his MA at the University of Sussex, UK.
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