Project oriented tutoring on milestone behavior using contract management uri icon


  • We present a study that identifies student behavior during a college-level, project-oriented, and online, compilers course. Assessment of behavior characterized as skills and knowledge under these circumstances is hard to achieve, but useful for effective coaching. Such capacities are commonly induced using tools derived from behavioral and cognitive sciences: psychology, linguistics and cognitive sciences (PLICS). Qualitative and quantitative evidence can be interpreted during coaching to detect flaws during learning: teamwork conflicts, absence of knowledge acquisition, or sheer lack of interest. We contribute by demonstrating internet-assisted coaching methods for motivating students to learn cooperatively while acquiring key capacities and managing social conflicts such as competition and individualism. We show how the instructor crafts negotiations and performs key actions for helping learners complete an IT consulting project with clear goals, restrictions, and deliverables. These serve as relevant guidelines for Project Oriented Learning (POL) and help assess PLICS usage on e-Learning courseware. © 2004 IEEE.

Publication date

  • December 1, 2004