SPC study of a brewing process uri icon


  • The process of brewing is a complex one, in which several biological and chemical reactions occur that involve many variables and their interactions. This pilot study is an attempt to understand and to control the chemical and biological nature of the process of 'beer cooking'. Through data collection and analysis the measurement system was initially evaluated and improved to allow the assessment of the stability of the analysed response variable: wort's F (F is a fictitious name for this variable due to confidentiality). Next, a deeper analysis was carried out to characterize, improve and control the behaviour of this factor by means of confidence intervals and several regression analyses. The way to control F is by adding a certain amount of element X according to a previously empirically developed table. After the analyses, this table was questioned and a new one was developed. This study is the outcome of the willingness of a group of people in this company to incorporate into its traditional and, at some stages, artisan way of producing beer, the utilization of statistical techniques for analysing and improving its processes and products.

Publication date

  • October 1, 2007