Automatic generation of rain-attenuation maps according to the rain-rate provided by instant data of meteorological stations in Mexico uri icon


  • In frequencies over 10 GHz the rain is the most important factor to take in count to evaluate the attenuation level. For several kinds of applications is very useful to known this attenuation in the link every moment while the link is in operation to implement some strategy to mitigate it. According to the ITU-R, there is a procedure to calculate the rain attenuation, however this methodology gives only an average and constant attenuation value. In this work, an automatic procedure to obtain the instant attenuation level for several frequencies using the data provided by MNS (Meteorological National System) in Mexico is explained and their publication in a WEB server is showed. Using these values, an attenuation maps are elaborated and published in that WEB server too. © 2008 IEEE.

Publication date

  • August 29, 2008