Results of the application of transoperative versus postoperative mitomycin-C in pterigium surgery Resultados de la aplicación de mitomicina-C transoperatoria versus postoperatoria en cirugía de pterigión uri icon


  • Purpose: To evaluate and compare the efficacy of intra-operative versus post-operative mitomycin-C (MMC) in the recurrence rate of primary pterygium, as well as the safety of such treatment modalities. Methods: In a case-control study, a total of 120 eyes of 114 patients homologous for demographics and surgical procedure for primary pterygium were evaluated. The eyes were divided into two groups: those who received intra-operative MMC in a concentration of 0.04% (group A) and those who received post-operative MMC in a concentration of 0.04% in the form of topical eye drops three times a day for 2 weeks (group B). The presence of recurrence and/or MMC associated complications were evaluated in a minimum of 2 months (range: 2 weeks - 9 months). Results: A total of 34 pterygia were included in group A and 86 were included in group B. Although a lower recurrence rate was observed after 2 months in group A (8.8%) when compared to group B (17.4%) statistical analysis showed no significant difference (pe»0.364). There were no complications in group A, while 2 were reported in group B: corneoscleral thinning and corneal Dellen. Conclusions: Data from our study suggest that both application forms of MMC share similar efficacy in the rate of recurrence prevention after primary pterygium surgery and that both treatment modalities are safe.

Publication date

  • November 1, 2009