Evaluation of the development of surgical abilities and skills of residents and instructors of cataract surgery using the eye surgery simulator EyeSi© Evaluaci¢n del desarrollo de habilidades y destrezas quir£rgicas en cirug¡a de catarata por residentes e instructores, empleando el Simulador de Cirug¡a EyeSi© uri icon


  • Introduction: The eye surgery simulator EyeSi® offers a virtual experience in ophthalmologic surgical cases very similar to real surgery. In this paper results between residents and instructors of cataract surgery were compared. Categories evaluated were: instrument handling, forceps, capsulorhexis and «divide and conquer» technique. Method: 14 residents from the Tecnológico de Monterrey Ophthalmology Program and 7 instructors from the cataract surgery program were evaluated using the EyeSi® surgical exercises. Results from such categories were compared. Results: Attendants obtained higher grades than the residents, mainly in instrument handling and capsulorhexis. Discussion and conclusion: It was demonstrated that the EyeSi® surgical simulator is a useful parameter for evaluation of surgical skills. It is also a useful tool in institutional education, because it allows residents to acquire surgical skills and attendants to develop new surgical techniques without complications in real patients.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2010