A comprehensive piezoceramic actuator model for simulating mechanical interactions in smart structures uri icon


  • This paper explores the mechanical interactions occurring between a Piezoceramic Actuator (PA) and its host structure, the so-called "smart structures". Based on improvements of individual PA models already published, a comprehensive PA model is developed, accounting for hysteresis, non-linear electric field and dynamic effects. This model is able to determine unconstrained PA's strains due to an applied input voltage, for which experimental validation of its "standalone" behavior yields very accurate results. Two more models are also developed, able to calculate developed forces on a host structure due to an applied PA's input voltage and developed strain (via feedback measurements). These models are ideal for simulating the load exchange between the PA and its host structure, which is dependent on the geometries, rigidities and boundary conditions of both. All three models are implemented in Matlab/Simulink and their performance tested via a numerical case study of a simple mechanical system coupled to a PA, with the aim of shifting the natural frequency of the structure. Results show that the developed models exhibit greater accuracy and simplicity than some already published, also allowing the straightforward inclusion of other behavior (creep, aging, thermo-elasticity, etc.) if significant for a particular application. These models are developed in parallel to a main research, which aim is non-linear identification in mechanical structures, to be reported in forthcoming papers. © 2010 ASCE.

Publication date

  • November 29, 2010