Pineapple fruit bromelain affinity to different protein substrates uri icon


  • Optimal pH and temperature conditions for proteolytic activity of pineapple fruit bromelain were determined using five different substrates: azocasein and azoalbumin (pH 3-10 at 20-70°C), casein and sodium caseinate (pH 2-10 at 20-70°C), and haemoglobin (pH 2-6.5 at 30-60°C). Fruit bromelain has shown optimum activity at pH 7.5 for azoalbumin and at 6.5 for azocasein, all at 55°C. Fruit bromelain activity determined with casein and sodium caseinate has shown optimum activity at 59°C, while the optimum pH was 7.7 for casein and 6.5 for sodium caseinate. Optimum hydrolysis conditions of fruit bromelain towards haemoglobin showed a sharp peak at an acidic pH 2.9 at 37°C. The lowest results of K m and the highest results of V max/ K m were found for azocasein and azoalbumin. These substrates are highly recommended for fruit bromelain activity determination. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Publication date

  • August 1, 2012