Real time simulation for DC and AC Motors Based on Lab VIEW FPGAs uri icon


  • Increased manufacturing expenses and increased competition have made it an automation process to improve the overall operational and energy efficiency at the manufacturing systems. Electric motors impact a wide range of manufacturing equipment, especially the manufacturing equipment that has an advance level of automation. An accurate real time simulation is required for predicting the high-quality motor performance and making the motor systems more reliable and easier to use inside of the complete manufacturing system. FPGAs for real simulation have become both increasingly powerful and increasingly affordable. As a result, the use of highly sophisticated hardware that not only could run high-fidelity simulation of electric motors but also this hardware allows getting result in real time. This paper shows real time simulation models of DC and AC machines on FPGAs in state space. Implementation of the real time numerical integration method with digital logic elements is presented and discussed using fixed point. A real-time simulation of DC and AC machines is carried out on FPGAs platform and real time results are shown. These results are compared to simulation results obtained through commercial off line simulation software. ¬© 2012 IFAC.

Publication date

  • September 17, 2012