Multi-leak detection with wavelet analysis in water distribution networks uri icon


  • In this work detection of single and multiple leaks using an extended horizon analysis of pressure sensitivities is proposed. The method also includes other techniques, such as wavelet analysis, phase-quadrant demodulation code, and a weighting and voting system. This approach is tested in simulations for two different water distribution networks: Hanoi a network with high consumption, and Quebra, a larger network. Detection performance was measured by indicating the leaking node or one of the neighbors, and simulation results showed that in presence of two leaks, the efficiency is around 80%, detecting the leaking nodes or one of the neighbors around the leak, and 95% of efficiency to detect the leaking nodes, a neighbor node or the second order neighbors nodes, being these the neighbors of the neighbors; in presence of three leaks, the detection success is around 97% detecting the leaking nodes, the neighbor nodes or the second order neighbors nodes. Other simulations were also realized for single leak scenarios, showing our method better performance than a recently proposed algorithm. © 2012 IEEE.

Publication date

  • October 5, 2012