Industrial alumina as a support of MoP: Catalytic activity in the hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene Alúmina industrial como soporte de MoP: Actividad catali ¿tica en la hidrodesulfuración de dibenzotiofeno uri icon


  • Alumina support with a high surface area was used to prepare alumina-supported MoP catalysts, varying the Mo and P loadings from 4% wt. to 53%wt. Mo and P were loaded with an atomic ratio of Mo:P=1. The presence of different phosphate species was detected on all catalysts by NMR and electron diffraction techniques. The AlPO4 phase was identified for highly loaded MoP catalysts (> 26 wt% of theoretical MoP). The catalytic materials were tested in hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of Dibenzothiophene (DBT) under high temperature (593 K)and pressure (5.5 MPa) conditions and the highest activity for HDS of DBT was obtained with the catalyst containing Mo 9.9 wt% (13% wt of theoretical MoP) keeping an atomic ratio P/Mo=1. A structural model is proposed considering the Mo and P loading. The catalyst with the best activity showed high surface area (>200 m 2/g).

Publication date

  • January 1, 2012