Desarrollo del pensamiento crítico en ambientes de aprendizaje basado en problemas en estudiantes de educación superior uri icon


  • Problem-based learning is a teaching technique that seeks to promote critical thinking. The current study consisted of comparing the levels of critical thinking obtained on Facione's (2000) California Critical Th inking Skills Test (CCTST-2000) by students in the health sector, who had been taught through problem-based learning, versus students in the same school who had not been exposed to this teaching technique. The results of newly enrolled and graduating students were compared. Although the literature review showed little evidence of a relation between problem-based learning and critical thinking, the results of this study show higher levels of critical thinking among students who were taught in educational settings that consider problem-based learning. An additional fi nding was greater balance in the development of inductive and deductive thinking among students taught with the teaching technique of problem-based learning.

Publication date

  • November 27, 2012