A LPV quarter of car with semi-active suspension model including dynamic input saturation uri icon


  • This paper formulates a Linear Parameter Varying (LPV ) model for a semi-active quarter of car (QoC). The formulation depends on a new MR damper model which is based on the measurement of the maximum deflection velocity. In this device, the saturation is dynamic and it depends on the maximum current to apply and the velocity deflection. One scheduling parameter includes the variation of the damping coefficient and the dynamic saturation of the MR damper decreasing the conservatism of the model. Open and closed loop frequency responses comparison of the proposed model and a nonlinear QoC are given. The results shows that the new structure for the model is feasible and the nonlinear saturation can be used to weight the controller's output. In both tests, the applied current always is kept realistic. © 2010 IFAC.

Publication date

  • December 1, 2010