Archipelago keratitis and herpes zoster ophthalmicus. A case report Queratitis "en archipiélago" asociada a herpes zóster oftálmico. Reporte de un caso uri icon


  • Herpetic epithelial keratitis is the most common eye infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2, and varicella zoster virus. In as many as half of the cases, the keratitis may manifest in atypical presentations that include: marginal ulcers, multiple micro-dendrites, or "achipelago keratitis". We report a case of "archipelago keratitis" associated with herpes zoster ophthalmicus, which responded to systemic antiviral and anti-inflammatory therapy. Early diagnosis of atypical herpetic ocular disease prevents scarring that can compromise vision and cause ocular comorbidities. © 2013 Sociedad Mexicana de Oftalmología.

Publication date

  • September 11, 2013