A model predictive control approach for integrating a master generation unit in a microgrid uri icon


  • This paper presents a model-based fault-tolerant approach for designing a control strategy in order to integrate a diesel engine generator (DEG) as master generation unit, voltage and frequency leader, in an islanded microgrid configuration. The microgrid design is mainly composed of a hybrid wind-diesel-photovoltaic power system with a battery storage system (BSS). A model predictive control (MPC) scheme has been selected for this task, due to its flexibility and capability for handling constraints. Fault-tolerance is achieved in the DEG control system with the addition of a fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) module to the MPC structure, in order to reconfigure the control strategy when actuator faults in the DEG are present. Different operating conditions of the microgrid were simulated in order to test control robustness. Improved performance over a baseline controller, IEEE type 1 exciter, is achieved. Dynamic models of the microgrids components are presented and simulation results of the microgrid behavior in Matlab/Simulink®. © 2013 IEEE.

Publication date

  • December 1, 2013