Optimal sensor placement for leak location in water distribution networks using genetic algorithms uri icon


  • In this paper, a new approach for sensor placement in water distribution networks (WDN) is proposed. The sensor placement problem is formulated as an integer optimization problem. The optimization criterion consists in minimizing the number of non-isolable leaks according to the isolability criteria introduced. Because of the non-linear integer and large-scale nature of the resulting optimization problem, genetic algorithms (GA) are used as solution approach. To validate the results obtained, they are compared with exhaustive search methods with higher computational cost proving that GA allow to find near-optimal solutions with less computational load. The proposed sensor placement algorithm is combined with a projection-based isolation scheme. However, the proposed methodology does not depend on the isolation method chosen by the user and it could be easily adapted to any other isolation scheme. Experiments on a real network allow to evaluate the performance of such approach. © 2013 IEEE.

Publication date

  • December 1, 2013