Greenhouse structure techno-economic material selection and simulation; SUGREMEMA low cost greenhouse case study uri icon


  • © 2008 Page Press Publications. The poor technological development in the developing markets¿ agricultural sector impacts in a determinant way our environment, our economy and our alimentary safety. Mexico as developing market lives a similar situation e.g. for the year 2004 to 2005 the corn production felt 6% [SAGARPA, 2007] and just the 10% of the annual sow area could be grow due the climatic injuries [SAGARPA, 2006]. The Mexican agricultural sector plays a crucial role in the country social security and it is the only way to obtain a sustainable alimentary independence. Until recent years for the agricultural industry, the use of greenhouse technology had been considered to satisfy necessities and expectations of developed markets, even though they represent only 14% of the world market. Developing markets are experiencing accelerated growth in populations and income, and they are becoming more important to define the future of the world agricultural business. In Mexico the greenhouse industry has been growing rapidly, from 50 hectares in 1991, to 350 in 1997 and 1000 in 2001 [SAGARPA, 2006]. Rapid growth is prognosticated to persist as open field producers face new challenges and demand from North America for greenhouse grown products. Although still with severe problems in different areas as know how; the economics of the industry are allowing for better built and better managed projects, resulting in higher quality products.

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  • January 1, 2008