The ethical recognition to transcend gender: A philosophical - Empirical dialogue in migratory contexts Trascender la violencia de género desde el reconocimiento ético: Un diálogo entre la filosofía y la empiria en contextos migratorios uri icon


  • Based in an interdisciplinary dialogue between philosophical conceptions on structural and cultural violence, and a qualitative study on domestic violence in migration contexts, this article points out the relationship between culture and violence against women, its power mechanisms, and the possibilities to revert them. The concepts of structural violence, cultural violence and ethical recognition, are essential for the analysis on the reversal of violence against women. The non-fixed state of violence demands the creation of a more humane way of living; therefore, all types of legitimized and justified violence (explicit, structural and cultural) in our lives must be critically rejected and surpassed by means of an infallible resource: ethical recognition.

Publication date

  • July 1, 2017