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  • Large research projects that aim to create operational models, mechanisms, methodologies and new tools that improve the operation of any organization must include in their programs implementation and demonstration phases that permit suitable progress during the development process. ECOLEAD as an integrated research project that developed new tools, models and methodologies that foster the creation and management of Virtual Organization Breeding Environment (VBE) as one of its main vertical pillars, planned a demonstration phase where several pilot networks took up the results of the project. For this purpose, four networks were the demonstrators that implemented and validated the results of the project related to the VBE model: 1) IECOS, a Mexican network in the manufacturing and engineering field, 2) SMT, a Swiss network of screw machining companies, 3) CeBeNetwork, the leader of an engineering supplier network based in Germany in the aerospace industry and, 4) the Aeronautic Cluster of Andalusia, represented by its core technological partner of ISOIN. The latter two networks formed one demonstrator case due to their common interest in quickly create order-dependent Virtual Organizations for the aerospace engineering sector and its geographical proximity. Results, experiences and lessons learned regarding the implementation of ECOLEAD VBE model and tools in each demonstrator case with IECOS, SMT, ISOIN and CeBeNetwork are described in this chapter. The list of tools demonstrated and taken-up by the different demonstrators are:-MSMS-Membership & Structure Management System-PCMS-Profiling & Competency Management System-ODMS-Ontology & Discovery Management System-Trust-Man-Trust Management System-DSS-Decision Support System-VIMS-Virtual Organization Information Management System-BAMS-Bag of Assets Management System-Co-Finder-Collaboration Opportunity Finder-COC-Plan-Collaboration Opportunity Characterization and Rough Plan-PSS-Partners Search and Suggestions-WizAn-Agreement Negotiation Wizard The structure of each case description follows the demonstration guidelines of the ECOLEAD project, the results are presented in terms of the different phases of the take-up roadmap: definition, implementation, and demonstration. ¬© 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

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  • December 1, 2008