Fuzzy case-based reasoning for managing strategic and tactical reasoning in starcraft Chapter in Scopus uri icon


  • We present the combination of Fuzzy sets and Case-Based Reasoning (FCBR) to deal with strategic and tactical management in the real-time strategy environment of StarCraft. Case-based reasoning is a problem solving AI approach that uses past experience to deal with actual problems. Fuzzy set theory is used in case representation to provide a characterization of imprecise and uncertain information. The results revealed that our system can successfully reason about strategies and tactics, defeating the built-in AI of StarCraft. The principal conclusion was that FCBR can reason with abstract information and a large space of actions. Moreover, the resulting system shows its potential to incorporate human knowledge and can effectively adapt to varying conditions of the map. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Publication date

  • December 6, 2011