A generalized criterion of efficiency for telecommunication systems Chapter in Scopus uri icon


  • © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.The chapter develops a generalized criterion to estimate the efficiency of telecommunication systems that can be applied to economics information systems, too. The criterion combines evaluation of such special properties as information quantity, noise immunity, data transmission speed, and transmission cost. In contrast to other criteria, the proposed one is non-dimensional and normalized, thus estimating a telecommunication system by means of real numbers between 0 and 1. The design of the developed criterion based upon the concept of conditional entropy is rather simple. It allows one to calculate the system¿s characteristic value with sufficient accuracy for practice, thus comparing various telecommunication systems to transmit the economic information. The generalized criterion is composed as a product of some partial criteria, which permits to estimate the telecommunication system not only as a whole body, but also with respect to their partial characteristics, such as their productivity, reliability, and transmission costs.

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  • January 1, 2015