García-Toledo, José

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"We should be aware of the need to build not only practical and esthetical structures, but also energetically efficient and with a highly positive social impact". The future has many challenges in store for the next generations. One of them, according to José García Toledo, is to develop an environmental-friendly architecture style. Therefore, though he specialized in construction companies, he recommends to opt for the urban design or sustainability specializations. He is particularly interested in the subject of architectural projects due to the urgent need to encourage a critical and practical sense of architecture in students. He aims to awake their interest to figure out a responsible and efficient way to construct buildings, and wishes to promote a more collaborative and interdisciplinary profession. Having won the Bienal Nacional de Arquitectura 2018 and the first Calli de Cristal award in the XIX Bienal de Arquitectura of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Nuevo León in 2017, García Toledo is drawn towards the social aspect in architecture, which involves interacting with the user and, particularly, to solve the needs of the residents. He is the founder of firms Planeta Diseño + Construcción and Oax Arquitectos, has published texts in the Premio CEMEX memoirs, as well as in the German architecture Baunetz. The design of the house awarded in the 199th edition of the Sorteo Tec Tradicional is one of the multiple projects he has developed in Monterrey.

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