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Oseguera-Peña, Joaquín Esteban

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"Surface engineering is a highly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field that requires specialized human capital." Why is Joaquín Esteban Oseguera Peña interested in every discipline related to surface engineering to produce components with a unique combination of properties, such as surface science, void techniques, magnetism, surface characterization, plasma and interaction with laser radiation? First, because of the various innovation and creativity forms involved in surface engineering. Second, because property tailoring, on a micro or nano level, has impact in at least 15 primary sectors where this discipline is a valuable technological resource, including biomaterials, energy generation, metal transformation, electronics, extraction of petroleum, the automotive industry and aeronautics. According to Oseguera Peña, it has been acknowledged that surface engineering is one of the main methods to differentiate a product in terms of quality, performance and cost. Furthermore, development in that area has allowed, in turn, for the evolution of emerging technologies relevant to the current economies, for instance, data storage, fiber optics and MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems). Thus, his efforts are one hundred percent aimed towards generating important technological solutions by means of functional surfaces. However, he also shares his knowledge in the classroom, where he teaches students that the impact of surface engineering is also related to sustainable development and the decrease in the consumption of materials.

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