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"Optimization plays an important role in the life of post-industrial society, the knowledge society." From the start of his career, Viacheslav Kalashnikov devoted himself to the development of optimization algorithms and their application to real-life problems. With time, he was drawn toward other more theoretical areas, such as variational inequalities, complementarity problems, bilevel optimization (theory and algorithms), equilibrium (Cournot, Nash, Bertrand, etc.) as well as new concepts related to consistent conjectures. Born in Russia and awarded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Central Economic Mathematical Institute, he enjoys the possibilities of acquiring new knowledge and sharing it through publications, lectures or by advising young people with an interest in science, in order to prepare the new generations. Kalashnikov, a member of the Russian Mathematical Programming Association and the American Mathematical Society, insists that the main challenge of mathematicians is not only to reach the highest level regarding scientific production but also to publish their research in magazines and books that can be distributed around the world. Those who, like him, are teachers as well, must also continuously prepare to educate a new generation, especially in topics related to optimization.

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