Hernández-Cid, Aaron

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My main professional interest is drug discovery. After graduating from Bsc. in Biology at UDLAP, I started a job position as a techniciar at the W.M Keck Center for Transgene Resear at the University of Notre Dame. I worked in the elucidation of inflamatory processes of the homeostasis system in atheroesclorotic mice models. I spent a year, learning a variety of biochemical techniques such as wester blot, PCR, histology, among others. In 2010, I enrolled at UNAM to study my master´s in biochemistry under the supervision of Dr. Alfredo Torres Larios, who trained me in crystallography of proteins. I was accepted to the RapiData 2012 workshop to collect data from a sychrotron and published a review about ribonucleases. Having finished my master´s, I enrolled to the University of Manchester for my doctoral studies in NMR and working under the supervision of Dr. Gareth Morris. I developed diffusional studies of small molecules and interactions with large macromolecules. After 4 years, I published other two papers related to methodology and since 2019 I joined to the Tec de Monterrey as professor. Currently, I dictate lectures of Chemistry at undergraduate level, and NMR lectures at postgraduate level every summer.
Today, I am a highly motivated scientist looking for a career growth in an area related to drug discovery using NMR spectroscopy and/or protein X-ray crystallography. Most of my career has been devoted to learn methodology of structural elucidation of small molecules or proteins, either using X-ray or NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). The fisrt method has a difficulties in preparation but smoothness in interpretation, while the second has difficulties in interpretation and snoothness in preparation. I believe if I can combine both methods, it is possible to characterize any molecules without ambiguity using the most powerful tools.

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