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Micheloud,Osvaldo Miguel

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¿My passion is to educate talented young people in the culture of work and effort to link them with companies, so as for them to develop new products and increase the global competitiveness of our country.¿ Originally, Osvaldo Miguel Micheloud Vernackt intended to understand electric machines with the purpose to design them but discovered that power electronics had much more to offer to create more efficient machines. This led him to study two areas that are usually separated: electrics and electronics, currently one of the fields of engineering with the greatest demand, challenges, and opportunities thanks to renewable energies, the energetic efficiency of large manufacturing plants, and the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy through new technologies known as smart grids, for example. From his point of view, the education of human resources that will stand out for their contribution to the economic growth of a country represents a challenge to every professor. To him, applied research is key to educate leaders that will develop new technologies that benefit national development. Micheloud Vernackt believes that, while industry issues that impact global competitiveness must be solved shortly, students take years to reach the engineering competencies required by companies. Hence the relevance of the team of professors-researchers that form the Consorcio Empresarial para el Fomento de la Investigación Aplicada since 2008. To encourage every student to take part in projects with local companies while still studying is one of his challenges. Another one is to motivate and support young teachers to publish their research and participate in conferences.

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