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Elizondo-Montemayor, Luz Leticia

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"As a doctor, I feel privileged because through my profession I get to touch the lives of patients and start a chain reaction, touching the lives of their families and friends." To Luz Leticia Elizondo Montemayor, a surgeon specialized in clinical nutrition and obesity, her profession is privileged because it allows giving hope to a patient, which in turn offers peace and strength both to him and those who surround him. Additionally, if the patient's condition improves, the person is transformed, recovers his happiness and spreads joy to those around him. Given that medical nutrition is aimed toward the treatment of all types of diseases, from the most common ones (diabetes, dyslipidemia, arterial hypertension, cancer and polycystic ovary syndrome), to the most unusual ones (rheumatological or autoimmune) or life-threatening (kidney, liver or pancreas failure), her patients' health greatly improves, and in many cases, they can live a medication-free life. According to Elizondo Montemayor, the same thing happens with obesity: nutrition therapy helps to lead a healthy lifestyle and therefore, prevents diseases. Educating medical students is a passionate matter to her because she can notice their growth both as human beings as well as professionals. She believes that contributing to their education is putting her grain of sand toward transforming our society. Regarding challenges, her profession's is to offer access to healthcare; to reach those in need with specialized nutrition for each illness, helping to prevent diseases.

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