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Castro-Ricalde, María de la Cruz de Fátima

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"Fields like mine, the Humanities, are usually seen as accesories or ornaments, as lines that walk afterwards and not alongside other areas like exact sciences". Cinema, literature, advertising, music and other cultural interests are a vehicle to confirm or deny gender stereotypes, which is why María de la Cruz de Fátima Castro Ricalde is interested in discussing those fields, specially of the 20th and 21st centuries, and their roles in the transmission of codes, values and ideas. Her education allows her to address different texts regardless of the platform (literary, visual, audiovisual). She is aware of how gender makes a difference in people's lives. She has had her share of bright women students with excellent academic scores and great expectations on the future, who precisely for being women have had to decide between motherhood and their careers, to accept being subordinates instead of directors, or to agree to lower salaries. Castro Ricalde is pleased to be considered someone who breaks the rules of traditional roles and who can help men normalize women performance in various areas. She is convinced that it is possible to take a humanistic approach to the world through art. Nowadays, her research focuses in movie posters, graphic novels, cartoons and photography. Her aim is to communicate how significant humanities are. To pass on their importance when it comes to understanding why and how the things we do impact the world we live in.

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