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Ordoñez-Díaz, José Antonio Benjamín

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He is Biologist graduated from the School of Biological Sciences and Doctor of Science by the Institute of Ecology of the doctoral program in Biomedical Sciences, both from the UNAM. He is currently Director and researcher in Environmental Services and Climate Change SACC AC. Professor at the Faculty of Science in Biology Career UNAM and the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey (ITSEM). He has been professor and researcher Titular "C" level in the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning UAEM and the CENID-COMEF of INIFAP. He has taught more than 60 courses, courses and workshops at national and international level in the area of: climate change, carbon sequestration, environmental services, sustainable development, natural resource management, conservation areas and priority species; has been sinodal and reviewer of 25 theses, co-director and dissertation director of 14, postgraduate students 4, (total 42 theses), four of those thesis with honors. In 2008 one of the dissertation directed undergraduate level, won first place in the category of research- national thesis competition, organized by the CONANP on ecosystems and biodiversity. In 2012 a student social service received social service medal Dr. Gustavo Baz Prada granted by the Social Service of UNAM. He has published 2 books, 29 book chapters, 2 handbooks, 16 scientific refereed articles, 15 popular articles, 17 refereed reports, 40 non-refereed papers, 20 technical reports and consulting. In coordination with Abraham Cabrera and Amaya Rodríguez they published 129 articles dissemination aimed at raising awareness about the state of natural resources and other key research topics in the newspaper Cambio de Michoacan. It has 70 papers presented at conferences and workshops, he participated in the organization of scientific events and has had training stays abroad. Since 1988 he has covered the protected areas in Mexico and worked with ad hoc research groups. Since 1994 he collaborates in national inventories of greenhouse gas where it is author and co-author in the following sectors: land use, land cover changes and forestry, and in the agricultural sector including livestock. Parallel develops an area of research that strongly promotes community participation in diversification projects in which producers involved in selling carbon sequestration certifies, environmental services, integrated natural resource management and conservation of key species. From 2004 to 2009, under the scientific and technological cooperation agreement, Mexico-Central America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; in Guatemala she followed up, and training for carbon capture project in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes. In 2008 he designed the first course of climate change in line reaching 158 foreign participants majority; in 2015 in coordination with Dr. Carlos Gay presents the course at the platform of the SEP EdX reaching a total of 7755 participants online. In 2008, in coordination with Pronatura Mexico, AC, SEMARNAT and CONAFOR initiated the voluntary carbon market in Mexico, which is to develop projects for carbon sequestration in indigenous and peasant communities holding cloud forest, to quantify their carbon contents and offer them to companies that generate emissions of greenhouse gases by energy and fossil fuels consumes, in order to neutralize them. To date they have eased over 200,000 tons of CO2e, benefiting communities that are in poverty and extreme poverty in various states. It is exhibitor for The Climate Reality Project Mexico and Latin America Al Gore.

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