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Lemus-Delgado, Daniel Ricardo

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"I am interested in analyzing, from different technical approaches suggested by international relations, the cooperation and conflict dynamics derived from the re-emergence of China as a world power". The reason why Daniel Lemus Delgado specialized in the International Relations field is because it allows him to have an interdisciplinary dialogue that enriches the ability to understand reality, as well as the way the daily practices people and the States carry out beyond their borders are given sense and meaning. He considers it a challenge to generate theoretical models that reflect on new interaction guidelines between communities to build a fairer and more inclusive international society. Professionally, he enjoys exploring the relation between culture and the understanding of the world. China interests Lemus Delgado the most. A nation he considers unique because, aside from being one of the civilizations with the longest historical continuity ¿over four thousand years¿, it is the setting for what may be the most important revolution of our time. This represents challenges and opportunities not only for the Chinese but for the entire world. Furthermore, he enriches his profession by sharing the advances on his research with his students. He likes to encourage debate about certainties and intellectual foundations with the aim of expanding their vision on international relations. To see in his students the will to learn, question, propose and make progress together in the search for ways to build a better society is, he says, a true privilege and satisfaction.

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