Propagation measurements for path loss characterization of cantera walls at UHF in Mexican historic buildings uri icon


  • This paper shows the procedure to gather propagation measurements to characterize the path loss of cantera stone for the penetration of RF signals at UHF frequencies in various Mexican historic buildings. It is the first time that such material is tested for RF propagation and since there are many buildings made of this material in many cities in México the results obtained are the base for future research as it is conducted now and will be published in the weeks to follow. The places where the experiment was conducted are: Municipal Government Building in Oaxaca, Benito Juárez Masonic Lodge Building in Oaxaca both buildings made of green cantera stone; Casa del Dean Museum and Tecamachalco Ex Convent in Puebla made of gray cantera stone. The frequencies at which the experiment was conducted were around 900 MHz, in the UHF band. © 2008 IEEE.

Publication date

  • August 29, 2008