Conceptual model driven architecture to support global product development uri icon


  • For a rapid configuration of a given product development process, taking into account today unavoidable market's requirements as is the integrated product, process and manufacturing system development considering their entire lifecycles, in this paper, an enterprise holistic framework, consisting in a three dimensional model, is described to support the model driven architecture (MDA) concept for global product development projects (GPDP). The holistic framework has been established based on the integration of three fundamental areas of research: concurrent engineering (CE), product lifecycle, and enterprise integration engineering (EIE). The integration of these three fields of knowledge, using a 3D holistic framework, generates a solid support for a model driven architecture. As a result, through a 3D matrix, more important elements of the product development process can be combined and modeled following their natural interactions through the project realization. Questions about a global product development project like: What needs to be developed? Who will develop it? Where will be developed? How will be developed? When is being developed? can be generated during the planning and execution of the project but, as part of this research effort, these questions are answered in an organized manner using the proposed enterprise holistic framework. The conceptual model (enterprise holistic framework) for the global product development project was established as a base to capture, store and configure a project including the integration of product, manufacturing process and manufacturing system development considering their entire lifecycles in the enterprise context. Copyright ¬© 2008 by ASME.

Publication date

  • September 14, 2009