A novel adaptive filtering for audio signals using artificial hydrocarbon networks uri icon


  • The present paper introduces a novel adaptive filtering for audio signals corrupted with white noise. The audio filter is based on artificial hydrocarbon networks (AHNs), a novel approach inspired on organic chemistry for stability, well-forming and easy-spanning topologies. In that sense, an AHN-molecular structure adapts its parameters in a specific window to cancel signal noise from original audio sequence using the notion of filtering given by AHN-topologies. Results of the present approach show that artificial hydrocarbon networks can achieve audio filtering for noisy signals. Then, a comparison between AHN-filtering and FIR filtering is presented. In addition, the AHN-filtering is implemented on DSP NI-Speedy 33 hardware. ¬© 2012 IEEE.

Publication date

  • December 1, 2012