Media power of the spanish exile in mexico durinv the 1950s: On the murder of franco representative josé gallostra El poder mediático del exilio español en el México de los años cincuenta: En torno al asesinato del representante de franco, josé gallostra uri icon


  • © 2014, Colegio de Mexico, A.C., Departamento de Publicaciones. All rights reserved.In the early 1950s, when President Miguel Alemán¿s Mexico and General Franco¿s Spain seemed clearly on their way towards normalizing diplomatic relations, an initially unexpected event revealed the great complexity which still lurked beneath behind the so-called ¿Spanish issue¿. The murder in Mexico City of Franco¿s unofficial representative by a Spanish anarchist alerted the general¿s regime on the importance of changing their policies towards Mexico, after realizing that the Republican exiles¿ media power was much stronger than was thought from Madrid.

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  • January 1, 2014