Recurrent corneal erosion syndrome masquerading as herpetic epithelial keratitis Síndrome erosivo corneal recurrente enmascarado como queratitis epitelial herpética uri icon


  • © 2015 Sociedad Mexicana de Oftalmología. Introduction: The signs and symptoms of recurrent corneal erosion syndrome (RCES) may be confused with those of herpetic epithelial keratitis. Materials and methods: Case series of RCES patients erroneously diagnosed as herpetic epithelial keratitis. Clinical differences were compared between both pathologies in order to establish the correct diagnosis and adequate treatment. Results: Case series of 10 (23.8%) out of 42 patients were included in the study. Seven women and three men with RCES were initially misdiagnosed and treated as herpetic epithelial keratitis. Patients were referred for a second opinion due to poor or no response to antiviral therapy. Symptoms of both entities may consist of ocular pain, red eye, watering, photophobia, foreign body sensation, and blurred vision. Conclusions: The distinguishing features of RCES are the sudden ocular pain at night or at awakening, history of corneal trauma, and lack of corneal leucomas. Similarity of symptomatology, plus unawareness of RCES increases the possibility of misdiagnosis. © 2014 Sociedad Mexicana de Oftalmologi

Publication date

  • January 1, 2015