Methodology to develop a technological front route of exploration uri icon


  • © 2014 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology.In today's increasingly global and knowledge-based economy, innovation is a key factor for organizations' competitiveness and growth. Even when different lines of action for innovation can be taken, firms have increasingly sought to create greater value through technological innovation. Central to the subject of technological innovation, is the definition of the areas or topics where technological innovation should be developed to compete. These areas are known as technological fronts, which are aligned to the strategy of the organization. This paper proposes a generic methodology to develop a technological front route of exploration. The methodology helps the analysts to increase the knowledge on a technological front by gathering specific information in a step-by-step process. The methodology was validated through the collaboration of experts. The result of the methodology is a set of graphs that help the decision maker in selecting the projects that will close the technological gaps.

Publication date

  • September 21, 2015