Methodology for the of building process integration of Business Model Canvas and Technological Roadmap uri icon


  • © 2016 Elsevier Inc.The importance of linking efficiently the outputs of R&D processes with the business world has become evident. Researchers and practitioners have developed tools to help build business from a starting point (business idea/product concept) to the description of elements that make the business possible. The Business Model Canvas identifies the essential parts of a business; it's applicability and simplicity has given it greater acceptance and dissemination. Furthermore, the Technology Roadmap is presented as a valuable tool to visualize the relationships over time of the market, technology and product strategies; TRMs allow decision makers to identify gaps between the current and the future business strategy. BMC and TRMs have been used independently of each other. This work has the objective to present a methodology of the building process integration of these two tools, to provide a business model and a technology roadmap for the business idea or new product concept that are aligned to the current and future business needs. Then, it is explained and described in a practical manner by a case of study. One of the benefits of using this methodology is that a business constructs a BMC and TRM with two different approaches giving the process the perspective of future analysis and also visualizing elements for the current business. It was found that the building integration process allows constructing a robust business strategy proposal in a structured mode taking into account the benefits of each tool and reducing the disadvantages.

Publication date

  • September 1, 2016