Effect of arabinoxylans and laccase on batter rheology and quality of yeast-leavened gluten-free breads uri icon


  • © 2016 Elsevier LtdThe supplementation effects of maize fiber arabinoxylans (MFAX, 0%¿6%), laccase (0¿2 U/g flour) and water absorption level (90%¿100%) on gluten-free (GF) batter rheology and bread quality were analyzed. From viscoamylograph analysis, lower starch amount in GF flour due to MFAX addition decreased peak viscosity and retrogradation. Surface response plots showed that laccase did not have significant effect on GF batter rheology and bread quality, whilst water was the most important variable. Higher levels of water absorption benefited bread texture. Higher water level (>100 mL/100 g flour) was needed in the experimental design to evaluate correctly the effect of 6% MFAX replacement on GF bread quality. Further analyses were carried in order to adjust water absorption of batters according to their consistency index (K ¿ 100 Pa sn), resulting an optimal water absorptions of 95%, 100% and 105% for control flour and flours supplemented with 3% or 6% MFAX, respectively. Thus, MFAX addition enhanced water-binding capacity of flour and yielded GF breads with higher specific volume and softer crumb texture. These quality parameters were best rated with 6% MFAX addition to flours. This research demonstrated the potential of MFAX to develop GF breads with improved quality, when optimal water level is used.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2017