The relations between Costa Rica and Spain: From the united nations tension to the normalization of the diplomatic liason (1946-1953) Las relaciones entre Costa Rica y España: De la tensión en la onu a la normalización del vínculo diplomático (1946-1953) uri icon


  • © 2017, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. All rights reserved.After the reopening of the Spanish question controversial case, in May 1949 were it was a special and intense month for the delegates of the United Nations. At the suggestion of four Latin-American countries, the condemnatory resolutions were questioned over the Franco regime coming from December 1946. Within this conjuncture, where the controversies were exhibited among the participating countries, the posture of Costa Rica was involved in a strong polemic in front of the disobedience of its UN delegates, as well as the existing fractures in the Junta de Gobierno and among this and the new elected president Otilio Ulate (1949-1953). Nevertheless, the new presidency was a determining factor for the overall regularization of the relations between Costa Rica and Spain, which culminated with the signature of an agreement of perpetual friendship in 1953.

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  • January 1, 2017