Hardware-in-The-loop testing of on-off controllers in semi-Active suspension systems uri icon


  • This paper presents an experimental validation of a proposed Frequency Estimation-Based (FEB) controller for semi-Active suspensions by using a Hardware-in-The-Loop (HiL) platform of a Quarter of Vehicle (QoV) model. The FEB approach is compared with three commercial On-Off controllers that have shown good results in comfort and road holding: Sky-Hook (SH), Groud-Hook (GH) and Mix-1-sensor (M1S). The comparison was done under the same experimental tests; the standards ISO-2631 and BS-6841 are used to evaluate the comfort and the Root Mean Square (RMS) index to quantify the road holding. The QoV model belongs to a front-left corner of a pick-up truck; the used experimental Magneto-Rheological (MR) damper is not symmetric and only hast 2 manipulation states. Experimental results show that the FEB controller has the best comfort performance at low frequencies (outperforms the benchmark controllers at 11.2%); while, for road holding, the improvement is slight; however, FEB controller works better for both goals simultaneously. By analyzing the suspension deflection, the FEB controller reduces up to 32.8% of motion respect to the GH controller. Additionally, the manipulation of the SH and GH controllers have several changes of actuation that do not allow the stabilization of the force in its desirable value; while FEB controller has a soft actuation defined on bandwidths.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2012