Micropulse laser for persistent optic disc pit maculopathy. A case report uri icon


  • © 2018 Purpose: Optic disc pits (ODP) are rare and congenital anomalies of the optic disc, sometimes remaining asymptomatic. However, serous macular detachment or optic disc maculopathy is the most common complication, causing significant visual deterioration, without a current consensus about treatment. We describe a case of ODP maculopathy that was treated successfully with micropulse laser. Observations: A patient with ODP maculopathy remained with macular serous detachment after nine months of follow up after pars plana vitrectomy. Subthreshold micropulse laser was used to treat macular serous detachment, achieving a significant improvement in central macular thickness after one session. Conclusions and importance: Subthreshold micropulse laser is designed to stimulate the retinal pigment epithelium without damage to the photoreceptors, resulting in absorption of subretinal and intraretinal fluid. Macular serous detachment in patients with ODP requires a prompt diagnosis and treatment to avoid damage to photoreceptors. Subthreshold micropulse laser is a potential treatment for eyes with ODP and macular serous detachment complication.

Publication date

  • June 1, 2018