Latin America: Presidentialism vs. parliamentarism.facts about the dilemma in the 21st century El dilema presidencialismo vs. Parlamentarismo en América latina. Apuntes sobre la realidad en el siglo xxi uri icon


  • © 2018, Universidad de Talca. All rights reserved. In the last decades of the past century, a process of reinstitutionalization and redemo­cratization began in Latin America. Which had as one of its axes, the critical revision of the form of presidential government, given that this was prone to democratic ruptures and governance crisis. As a result of the debate, the system was re-established, becoming legitimate in the constitutions promulgated in those years. The present study reconstructs the remodeling of the presidential regime in the region and evaluates its result, using meta-analysis and Comparative Law. In particular, the Mexican model is analyzed, given that its Constitution whose centennial in 2017, did not follow the reform trend of the rest of the countries in the area.

Publication date

  • June 1, 2018