Alternatives generation via data analytics for decision making using VR uri icon


  • Copyright © (2015) by CAL-TEK S.r.l.All rights reserved. . All Rights Reserved.Advances in education, economy, and administration in the areas of science and technology as well as social science disciplines have established a great importance worldwide thus necessity for developing the knowledge-based economies. Due to globalization, the complexity in manufacturing and elaborated processes is continuously increasing. It is, therefore, crucial to develop core business topics related to efficiency and evaluation that incorporate emerging technologies in such areas. Virtual Reality (VR) is known as a computer-generated simulation of three-dimensional (3D) environments that can produce seemingly real images and introduce physical ways of interacting with individuals. VR has become increasingly important in reaching data visualisation for generation of alternative scenarios. Combined with business analytics, VR can offer quantitative models for decision making applied to optimize production and administration procedures. In this study, a case is developed to deploy use of data exploitation and VR for alternatives generation in the decision-making processes.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2018