Synergy of digital art, architecture and design using video-mapping in a combined classroom uri icon


  • © 5th International Conference of the Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education, VARE 2019. All rights reserved.Technological advances within educational domains permit new teaching systems to emerge. Video-mapping is a technique that involves projecting images on three-dimensional surfaces through motion effects. In the case of architectural projects, there are very few uses of video-mapping that focus on urban planning and even fewer when the mapping is interactive. However, it is crucial to scale new ways of interpreting design using technologies such as video-mapping. In this research work, the themes of virtual environments, spatial representation, and basic design are combined with video-mapping. Students from the Digital Art and Architecture and the Industrial Design programs worked together in this effort, creating an architectural model made with 3D impressions; the users interacted and selected from the options of colors and textures available for the model city, generating different presentations according to the changes in the settings of the video-mapping software. Thus, this project opened the doors to welcome digital artists into the world of architecture and urbanism.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2019