Combing Instrumental Variable and Variance Matching for Aircraft Flutter Model Parameters Identification uri icon


  • © 2019 Hong Jianwang et al.When the observed input-output data are corrupted by the observed noises in the aircraft flutter stochastic model, we need to obtain the more exact aircraft flutter model parameters to predict the flutter boundary accuracy and assure flight safety. So, here we combine the instrumental variable method in system identification theory and variance matching in modern spectrum theory to propose a new identification strategy: instrumental variable variance method. In the aircraft flutter stochastic model, after introducing instrumental variable to develop a covariance function, a new criterion function, composed by a difference between the theory value and actual estimation value of the covariance function, is established. Now, the new criterion function based on the covariance function can be used to identify the unknown parameter vector in the transfer function form. Finally, we apply this new instrumental variable variance method to identify the transfer function in one electrical current loop of flight simulator and aircraft flutter model parameters. Several simulation experiments have been performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the algorithm proposed in this paper.

Publication date

  • January 1, 2019