A QUBO Formulation of Minimum Multicut Problem Instances in Trees for D-Wave Quantum Annealers uri icon


  • © 2019, The Author(s).Quantum annealing algorithms were introduced to solve combinatorial optimization problems by taking advantage of quantum fluctuations to escape local minima in complex energy landscapes typical of NP ¿ hard problems. In this work, we propose using quantum annealing for the theory of cuts, a field of paramount importance in theoretical computer science. We have proposed a method to formulate the Minimum Multicut Problem into the QUBO representation, and the technical difficulties faced when embedding and submitting a problem to the quantum annealer processor. We show two constructions of the quadratic unconstrained binary optimization functions for the Minimum Multicut Problem and we review several tradeoffs between the two mappings and provide numerical scaling analysis results from several classical approaches. Furthermore, we discuss some of the expected challenges and tradeoffs in the implementation of our mapping in the current generation of D-Wave machines.

Publication date

  • December 1, 2019