Secure Data Encryption Based on Quantum Walks for 5G Internet of Things Scenario uri icon


  • © 2004-2012 IEEE.Fifth generation (5G) networks are the base communication technology for connecting objects in the Internet of Things (IoT) environment. 5G is being developed to provide extremely large capacity, robust integrity, high bandwidth, and low latency. With the development and innovating new techniques for 5G-IoT, it surely will drive to new enormous security and privacy challenges. Consequently, secure techniques for data transmissions will be needed as the basis for 5G-IoT technology to address these arising challenges. Therefore, various traditional security mechanisms are provided for 5G-IoT technologies and most of them are built on mathematical foundations. With the growth of quantum technologies, traditional cryptographic techniques may be compromised due to their mathematical computation based construction. Quantum walks (QWs) is a universal quantum computational model, which possesses inherent cryptographic features that can be utilized to build efficient cryptographic mechanisms. In this paper, we use the features of quantum walk to construct a new S-box method which plays a significant role in block cipher techniques for 5G-IoT technologies. As an application of the presented S-box mechanism and controlled alternate quantum walks (CAQWs) for 5G-IoT technologies a new robust video encryption mechanism is proposed. As well as to fulfill needs of encryption for varied files in 5G-IoT, we utilize the features of quantum walk to propose a novel encryption strategy for secure transmission of sensitive files in 5G-IoT paradigm. The analyses and results of the proposed cryptosystems show that it has better security properties and efficacy in terms of cryptographic performance.

Publication date

  • March 1, 2020