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  • © 2009 Anabella Davila and Marta M. Elvira. All rights reserved.Latin America today presents a dynamic but challenging business landscape. Although foreign investment in the region has risen, Asia's increasing role in the global economy is a challenge to Latin America's competitiveness. At the same time, Translatina firms - Latin American trans-national companies - continue to grow in capital and influence. This original collection explores the tensions between the strategic HRM policies demanded by global competition and local approaches rooted in Latin American cultural values. The book uses a selection of real-life case studies, plus quantitative data, to understand the unique challenges of human resource management in Latin America, exploring: the relationship between political, economic and social forces and HR practices lessons from successful HRM practices in the region the role of HRM practices for business strategy in Latin America national development and HRM practices diverse specific social and cultural contexts. Written by regional-based academics with intimate knowledge of the cultural and business landscapes, this is an important reading for students of human resource management, and business and management.

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  • August 6, 2008