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This group performs cutting-edge research in nutrigenomics in order to identify phytochemicals preferably associated with Mexican native plants and foods that have the potential to prevent and treat cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. Important efforts are implemented to extract, identify and isolate phytochemicals, perform in-vitro tests with human and mammalian cells as well as animal tests in laboratory. Additionally, bioprocesses will be developed to obtain tablets, pills and products with nutraceutical and / or pharmacist degrees. The mechanisms by which phytochemicals prevent or treat chronic-degenerative diseases (diabetes, inflammation, cholesterol and cancer) will be studied by nutrigenomics techniques. The development of vegetable proteins for food applications, aimed to replace expensive animal proteins, is another important research task of our group. Novel raw materials are being identified, structural modifications of macromolecules are made, novel processes to improve efficiency and functionality of the extraction will be developed as well as the application of proteins in the development of food (dairy, cereals, beverages and other). Biotech also studies the minimization of post-harvest loss of grains and especially molecular markers that increase the nutraceutical capacity of cereals and other grains. This line also studies the processing of the nutraceutical capacity of grain-based foods. This group will also focus on the creation of a laboratory which processes and does research on the generation of tablets and pills that can be used in clinical studies. This group will do research in the area of genomics.

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